Diary April 2, 1916

after a Zeppelin raid
A British home lies in ruins after a Zeppelin raid.
Diary for Sunday, April 2, 1916:

Air War

Britain: German air ships L14 and L22 bomb Leith and Edinburgh (aiming for Rosyth naval base and Forth Bridge); 37 casualties from 44 bombs (night April 2-3).
Western Front: 20 Anglo-German air combats (3 German aircraft thought to have been hit).

Western Front

Verdun: German advance in Caillette Wood (Douaumont­-Vaux) and approach Fort Souville.

Eastern Front

Germans repulsed in Liakhovichi region.

Occupied countries

France and Belgium: ­OHL notifies 5 Army HQs of intention to raise 50,000 forced labourers. Sixth Army orders Lille Governor on April 11, 1,400 workers impressed per day from April 22.


Holland: Raemak­ers’ cartoon ‘The Last Throw’ (Kaiser and Crown Prince dicing with death) in Amsterdam Telegraaf.


Munitions factory explosion at Faversham, Kent kills 106 people.

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