German BR 3.0 line War Thunder

German BR 3.0 line for War Thunder with Panzer II H and Panzer III N.
Video of action with PzKpfw II H and PzKpfw III N and a proven vehicle line for BR 3.0.

Panzer II H in the typical battle
Panzer II H in the typical battle as a fast, agile and small ‘conqueror’ and ‘flankers’.

bm4 DownloadThe German BR 3.0 line is located in an area of the ‘Battle Rating’ (BR) which most players of the German vehicles will play for a while. The previous vehicles can be explored quite quickly in War Thunder and thus mostly used only for a short time.

German BR 3.0 line War Thunder

State of information April 21, 2017, for ‘Realistic Ground Battles’.

In fact, the author has played with this line including the premium vehicles Panzer II H (BR 2.3) and Panzer III N (BR 3.0) until he had almost reached the Tiger I tank!
This is possible, as these premium vehicles still bring a good bonus in the research and in-game currency SL (Silver Lions).
Of course, now the BR 3.0 line comes with me only for ‘warming up’ for a more challenging level as well as to earn a lot of SL. In the last 8 weeks, the line’s average win percentage was 56%.

Panzer II H with 5-cm gun (BR 2.3) in War Thunder.

The Panzer II H is the most used German tank of the author, and is even used temporarily on BR 8.0 together with Leopard tanks of the Bundeswehr, as a cheap, small and fast-paced ‘conqueror’ of control zones and even has already some T-54s ‘on its conscience’!

Video of action with Panzer II H and Panzer III N

What the Panzer II H can do is well visible in this video, where, within 90 seconds of action with the BR-3 line succeeds in flanking 6 enemy tanks and knocking them out with the 5-cm KwK gun – and in a few moments more even taking additional two CAP zones!

Panzer III N
Panzer III N (BR 3.0) in War Thunder.
As can be watched in the second part of the video, the Panzer III N with its short 7.5-cm-KwK gun is also great in action and is mainly used from the beginning if there is nothing to conquer or the Panzer II H or the following plane is lost.

The Panzer III N is located exactly on BR 3.0, quite mobile, takes a lot of damage due to its sides skirts and the 7.5-cm gun has one of the fastest reload times in War Thunder. It can quickly disable enemy tanks with an armor of less than 100 mm with the hollow charge shell.

Which vehicle line has proven itself for BR 3.0?

As always, I would like to introduce you also the additions for my complete (10 slots) line for the German BR 3.0. Again, the right mix of main vehicles for battles or conquest scenarios as well as airplanes, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles is again crucial for the successful performance during the battles.

Marder III H
Marder III H in War Thunder.
Tank destroyer Marder III H (BR 3.0)
The self-propelled tank destroyer Marder III H is equipped with the German anti-tank gun PAK 40 on the chassis of the >Panzer 38 (t). Even though the vehicle is quite high and vulnerable especially from automatic weapons from ground vehicles or from planes, the gun can deal with all the enemy tanks in this BR range. Especially when the battle has to be carried out on BR 3.7 or 4.0, where T-34, KV-1 and Churchill tanks can occur, this is the best German tank destroyer for this line.

StuG III A in War Thunder.
Tank destroyer Sturmgeschütz StuG III A (BR 2.3)
The assault gun (Sturmgeschuetz) StuG III A at BR 2.3 is the almost ideal ‘cheap’ tank destroyer for this line (a tank destroyer with one lower ‘Battle Rating’ can already be used for 190 spawn points at the beginning and 390 later respectively), if you do not have enough spawn points for another battle tank or airplanes, but do not want to use an anti-aircraft vehicle.
The StuG III A has the same fast-firing and effective gun as the Panzer III N, is flat, movable, and also closed on the top, which protects against strafing of ground attack planes and machine-gun fire from ground vehicles.

Sturmpanzer II
Sturmpanzer II in War Thunder.
Tank destroyer Sturmpanzer II (BR 2.3)
The new Sturmpanzer II (assault tank), which has already been presented in the context of the concept of the super-heavy battle tank Maus in War Thunder, can be practically used on any ‘Battle Rating’ since its 15-cm gun with explosive shells destroys practically every hit vehicle.
However, the heavy gun does not have a large range of direction and is particularly inaccurate at greater distances. For this purpose, since it is open at the top, it can be destroyed by strafing planes, quick-fire guns or machine guns. On battlefields with good coverage and short shooting distances, however, Sturmpanzer II is extremely effective.

SdKfz 6/2
SdKfz 6/2 in War Thunder.
Anti-aircraft vehicle SdKfz 6/2 (BR 3.0)
The anti-aircraft half-truck vehicle SdKfz 6/2, armed with the 3.7-cm-Flak, is the most powerful AA-vehicle of the BR-3.0 line. The 3.7-cm gun is more effective than the 2-cm AA-gun, but fires slower and the range of forward pivoting is limited. The vehicle is also hardly armored and quite immobile. Nevertheless, the gun can achieve better results against ground vehicles than the Gepard, especially in the case of heavier tanks. However, the following Gepard is better used for agility and fast conquest.

Gepard SPAA
Gepard SPAA in War Thunder.
Anti-aircraft tank Gepard (BR 2.0)

The anti-aircraft tank Gepard (Cheetah), also like the Marder III on the chassis of the Panzer 38(t), is relatively fast and mobile, but has only a single 20-mm Flak gun and only two crew members. Because of this, the vehicle could be knocked-out very quickly.
However, it can be used with this line in any case for the minimum of 150 Spawn points, if one was shot out with his previous vehicle.
By conquering a CAP zone or making many hits with the quick-firing gun, or even destroying enemy vehicles or airplanes, you can get more spawn points for a stronger vehicle, or at least you will continue to support your team. It can not be pointed out often enough that many battles are lost only because players of the own team do not assemble a suitable vehicle line, which also includes a cheap (current BR minus 1) anti-aircraft vehicle.

Bf 110 C-4
Bf 110 C-4 in War Thunder.
Fighter-bomber Messerschmitt Bf 110 C-4 (BR 2.7)
Since in War Thunder some time ago the larger bombers were largely worthless by the disappearance of the bombing markings in ‘Realistic Ground Battles’, the Bf 110 fighter-bomber replaced it in this line.
Its two 500-kg (1,100lb) bombs can be dropped at very low altitude on the target (at the moment, with a 2-second time-lag of the bombs when the guns hit the target) and destroy most vehicles. Additional, the aircraft is superbly armed forward, has a rear gunner and is comparatively fast.

Il-2 Stormovik
Il-2 Stormovik in War Thunder.
Ground-attacker Il-2 Stormovik (captured plane, BR 3.0)
Since the author only plays the BR 3.0 to ‘warm up’ for more difficult ‘Battle Ratings’ and to earn a good profit on the in-game currency Silver Lions, this Russian captured Il-2 Stormovik plane is usually in action after the loss of the first tank. This captured Stormovik is a premium aircraft and such vehicles usually achieve a much higher profit in SL!
For this, this Il-2 Stormovik is armed with 2 x 250 kg (550lb) bombs, which are sufficient to destroy a tank. In addition, the aircraft is robust and well armored, rather mobile, and its strong front armament is also sufficient to destroy ground vehicles at low altitude or to shoot down enemy aircraft over the battlefield. For sure the best vehicle on this line here to earn above average many ‘Silver Lions’ or to quickly research new aircraft in this field of rank.

captured Russian fighter Yak-1B in War Thunder.
Fighter Yak-1B (captured plane, BR 3.0)

For the same reason as for the acquisition of the Stormovik, the purchase of the Russian fighter aircraft Yak-1B (for a 50% spare offer, which the author had received after a battle) followed by the author.
Especially the shooting down of enemy aircraft brings a lot of SL and research points – and the Jak-1B is quite superior at this ‘Battle Rating’!
It is very maneuverable at low altitudes, the armament and ammunition is sufficient for one or two air victories or several approaches to ground vehicles and, above all, it is very sturdy and can take a lot of hits. The fighter is mostly used directly after the Il-2 Stormovik, as long as sufficient spawn points are available (which is often the case).

Yak-1B in air combat
The Yak-1B in air combat.

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:

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