German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder

German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder with Jagdpanther and Do 335 ‘Pfeil’ (Arrow).
Video of action with Jagdpanther and Do 335 Pfeil and the best German vehicle line for BR 6.3.

Jagdpanther (here the Bfw Jagdpanther command vehicle, the premium variant) in War Thunder.

The German BR 6.3 line with the premium variant of the Jagdpanther is among others well suited to research the German high-tier tanks quite quickly and at the same time to earn a lot of the in-game currency Silver lions.
The premium variant Befw (command tank) Jagdpanther is still comparatively favorable to buy for the second, in-game currency ‘Gold’ (especially if you win a bonus of up to 75% after a battle or use one of the regular special offers). The tank destroyer can quickly and effectively research all the ground vehicles in the German research tree. It has additional armor and a stronger engine than the normal version, so it can also be used to capture CAP zones at conquest scenarios.

The Jagdpanther is not only fast, agile and comparatively flat, but it’s also heavily angled with 80 mm front armor which lets many hits simply bounce off or the shells (e.g. the Russian 85 mm standard shells of the T-34-85 or T-44) can not penetrate at all.

This can be watched very nicely in the following video, where it is possible to eliminate five Russian tanks in a face-to-face engagement within a very short time, despite numerous hits (and an effective one at the outset of the battle, which turns off 3 of the 5 crew members).

Then there is also a sample of the use of the Do 335 B-2 ‘Pfeil (‘Arrow’), which is heavily armed with armor-piercing guns and bombs. This is also the premium version, which has a BR of 5.7 and is well suitable for the German BR 6.3 line.

However, it is also not to be concealed that the German BR 6.3 line has the tendency to send the player very often into higher ranges of the BR (Battle Rating).

Of 106 battles so far in December 2016 only 12 (11%) took place on the optimal BR 6.3 and only 22 (21%) on the BR 6.7.
On the other hand, there were 41 (39%) on BR 7.0 and even 30 (28%) on the highest possible BR 7.3.
Nevertheless, there was a victory rate of 56% and 1.37 kills per battle.

How to create a successful German BR 6.3 line?

Of course, you need other vehicles to complement a successful German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder. These German armored vehicles and airplanes have proven themselves, provided that the maximum total number of 10 unlocked vehicle slots is available:

Tiger II(P)
Tiger II(P)
Heavy Battle Tank Tiger II(P) (BR 6.3)
This variant of the King Tiger tank with the thin armored, but better rounded Porsche turret, the Tiger II (P), is, so to speak, the ‘heavy reserve’ as a ‘Match-winner’ in battles on the knifes edge. The deployment of this heavy tank by the end of a battle has often been decided in favor of the own team, at a moment when the majority of the opposing vehicles have not more many powerful guns.

PzBfw VI (P)
PzBfw VI (P)
Heavy Battle Tank PzBfw VI (P) (BR 6.0)
The Porsche variant of the Tiger tank as a command vehicle is also a premium version of the Tiger I. The colossus is more immobile and slower, but heavier armored. As a premium vehicle, it also brings more research points and in-game currency, so it can be worthwhile in battles up to BR 6.7 to throw this heavy tank into the battle after losing the Jagdpanther. There are also situations in battles on lower BR ranges (when the vehicle costs 450 or 390 points at the beginning), where the PzBfw VI (P) can be preferred to the Jagdpanther because it has a rotatable turret and good reverse driving characteristics. In higher BR ranges, however, its use is not advisable, since its armor does not bring much here and it is comparatively immovable.

Sturer Emil
Sturer Emil
Self-propelled gun Sturer Emil (BR 6.0)
If one comes to a high BR range as BR 7.3, where it is possible to meet as nice contemporaries as the T-54 and the firing field is suitable, the ‘Sture Emil’ is a good choice. Its 12.8 cm gun (similar to the Jagdtiger) can almost wipe out every opponent.

Fw 190 D-13
Fw 190 D-13
Single-seat fighter Fw 190 D-13 (BR 6.0)
The fighter planer Fw 190 D-13 is the premium version of the famous Fw 190 Dora, which earns more Silver lions and research points for new aircraft. Alternatively, the standard version can also be used. The aircraft also has a 500 kg (1,100 lb) bomb, which can easily destroy tanks. Because of the high-speed and increased agility in air combat, the ‘Dora’ can sometimes even shoot down a jet aircraft, which you could meet from BR 7.0 onward.

Do 217 M-1
Do 217 M-1
Medium bomber Do 217 M-1 (BR 5.0)
The medium bomber Do 217 M-1 can carry up to 4 x 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) bombs, is relatively fast and mobile. It is best suited to bomb enemy ground vehicles or to cover CAP zones, which are conquered by the enemy, on which usually several tanks are standing tightly compressed.

AA-tank Ostwind
AA-tank Ostwind
Anti-aircraft tank Ostwind (BR 4.7)
The anti-aircraft tank Ostwind is the most favorable vehicle with which one could return to the battle if one is shot out. This is possible with only 150 points for an AA-tank, which is at least one BR lower than the BR on which the battle takes place.

He 219 A-7 Uhu
He 219 A-7 Uhu
Heavy fighter He 219 A-7 Uhu (BR 4.3)
The He 219 A-7 is also a worthwhile premium aircraft. In WW2, it was an outstanding night fighter, in War Thunder her heavy gun armament can be used against ground targets. This usually results in many points and marks the hit tanks for allied ground vehicles. The aircraft is quite fast and mobile. With this BR line it can always be used for only 540 points.

AA-tank Wirbelwind
AA-tank Wirbelwind
Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind
The Wirbelwind is the second anti-aircraft tank for this line. Two AA-tanks can be deployed into the battle for a relatively few points (for the second one its 300 points), so you should always have a pair on each deck. The large number of shots of the Wirbelwind also generates many hits and is very effective against lightly armored ground vehicles, such as the American tank destroyer M18 Hellcat. Often it is still possible after its deployment, to deploy again with another tank destroyer, tank or even aircraft into the battle.

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:


Do 335 B-2 Pfeil
Do 335 B-2 Pfeil

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