Puma and Marder in War Thunder

German BR 3.7 Line with action of Puma and Marder in War Thunder. Best vehicles and planes with video and explanation.

SdKfz 234 Puma in action
Heavy armoured recon vehicle SdKfz 234 Puma in action.

Puma and Marder in War Thunder

Realistic Ground Battles with a BR 3.7 line in War Thunder plus Replay Video.

download enBR (Battle Rating) 3.7 is ideal for playing with German tanks and airplanes in ‘Realistic Ground Battles’ of War Thunder, as it can only be moved up by a maximum of +1 to BR 4.7. On the level of BR 4.7 there are then usually at most three enemy tanks of the US types M4A3E8 or Cobra King or British Churchill Mk VIII, which the German 7.5 cm tank guns cannot penetrate frontal.

Armoured Recon Car Puma

8-wheeled Puma
The 8-wheeled Puma with 5 cm gun in turret is one of the fastest vehicles in War Thunder
In addition, one is still well below the BR 5.3, where the American M18 tank destroyer clearly dominates the areas of speed, mobility and firepower. Below BR 5.3 is the German armored recon car SdKfz 234 Puma, next to the American M22 Locust the fastest armored scouting vehicle, except in snowy terrain.
On a suitable road, a developed Puma manned with a good driver reaches 55 miles per hour (90 km/hr) and is therefore the first to reach most CAPs (capture points). Taking the CAP still earns the most points at War Thunder and the following entry with a bomber and fighter multiplies this quite often.
In any case, you get significantly more in-game currency ‘Silver Lions’, research points and more additional spawn points to get back in with other vehicles after the loss of the current tank or aircraft than if you limit yourself to knock-out enemy vehicles.
Usually, as a player, I have to score nearly three kills before I have scored as many Silver Lions, Research and Spawn points at once to conquer the CAP alone with a fast vehicle.

In addition, the Puma can now also effectively recon enemy tanks, which are then marked on the mini map for the own team for some time. If an enlightened opponent is destroyed by a team member, the player of the spotting recon vehicle get some points, but above all the later entry with an airplane becomes much cheaper in the case of spawn points.

If the conquest of the CAP and if possible the reconnaissance or destruction of an enemy tank succeeds fast, followed by the own end by enemy fire, then the opposing team has often still no airplanes in the air and only few anti-aircraft vehicles in action, so that one can take out with a relatively fast bomber still one or two opposing vehicles from the game. Once the bomber has been shot down, a fighter or fighter-bomber follows directly behind.
There are also many Silver Lions, research and spawn points for destroying ground vehicles with airplanes, but above all for shooting down enemy aircraft with a fighter.

Depending on how successful one is, he can then use a second fighter, battle tank, tank destroyer or even just an anti-aircraft vehicle when his planes have been shot down.
The Puma armored scouting vehicle can still be used in higher BR regions against the American M18, if practiced enough; but it usually needs three hits, while the enemy can take it out with one hit. The following video also shows a successful mission on BR 5.7.

Driving the Puma:
Driving fast and controlling the Puma is not that easy and requires a certain amount of practice. For this you should use the menu of War Thunder
Settings = Control = Tank = Driver Support Mode
and preferably use the ‘Space’ key. If you hold it while driving, you can control the Puma safely and easily with the mouse.

Self-Propelled Anti-tank Gun Marder IIIH

Marder III H
Marder III H
The self-propelled anti-tank gun Marder III Ausf H is the most suitable tank destroyer for the German BR 3.7 line. From the spawn entry points it is almost the cheapest tank with its BR 3.0 rating.
It is the first and lowest rated German tank with the long 7.5 cm gun, the impact of which is phenomenal, as can be seen in the following video.
That is why it has been a suitable vehicle right from the start, especially on battlegrounds with a large field of fire.

Video of the Marder, Puma and a captured Stormovik

The following replay video of ‘Realistic Ground Battles’ shows the effect of the Marder IIIH and the mission procedure of the Puma reconnaissance car followed by an aviator mission, here with the German captured Stormovik (BR 3.0, premium plane), which is one of the most favorable ground attack aircraft in terms of the necessary spawn points after a CAP conquest mission.

By the way, the BR 3.7 line has already proven itself as one of the best German vehicle combinations at victory rate and also number of kills.

Which vehicle line has proven itself for BR 3.7?

Following a summary of the proven vehicle combination for the BR 3.7 line, whereby with 9 vehicle slots almost the maximum possible number (10) is used.
As always, the right mix of main vehicles for battles or conquest missions as well as airplanes, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles is decisive for a successful battle.

Besides Puma and Marder there are also the following vehicles:

StuG III Ausf F
StuG III Ausf F
Assault Gun StuG III Ausf F (BR 3.7)

The StuG III F is the highest possible tank destroyer for this line and with its flat shape ideal for ambushes and lurking, because it is not so easily discovered. It’s also quite mobile, but you shouldn’t rely too much on its 50 mm front armor.

Panzer IV Ausf F2
Panzer IV Ausf F2
Panzer IV Ausf F2 (BR 3.3)

The Panzer IV F2 is the best possible medium battle tank with turret for this line. The long 7.5 cm gun and smoke discharger on the vehicle are effective, but the armor is also rather thin with a maximum of 50 mm and you should always be the first to shoot out of a cover.

Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind
Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind
Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind (BR 3.7)

The anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) is of course the most effective German AA vehicle for this line. It can also easily destroy American and British tanks as well as Russian T-34 tanks from the side. Due to the high number of shots per minute it generates so many points that one can often intervene again with a much stronger vehicle or airplane.

Anti-aircraft vehicle Gepard (BR 2.0)

The Gepard (Cheetah) anti-aircraft vehicle is relatively fast and mobile, but only has a single 2 cm gun and two-man crew, which means it can be disabled quickly. This is one of the solutions to get back into the battle with only 150 spawn points, because the Wirbelwind with its BR 3.7 can already cost a lot more.
Alternatively, the half-track vehicle SdKfz 7 with 3.7 cm flak can also be used, but just like the Gepard, its relatively unprotected crew can be quickly switched off by American tanks with heavy and numerous machine-guns or low-flying aircraft.

 Il-2 Stormovik
Il-2 Stormovik
Ground-attacker Il-2 Stormovik (Premium, BR 3.0)

The German captured Stormovik, which costs hardly more than 540 points, is considered to be one of the cheapest ground-attack aircraft to use after the CAP conquest mission. In addition, this premium aircraft earns relatively many ‘Silver Lions’ of the in-game currency and research points.
This Il-2 Stormovik is armed with 2 x 250 kg bombs sufficient to destroy a tank. In addition, the aircraft is robust and well armored, quite mobile and its strong front armament is also sufficient to destroy ground vehicles in low flight or to destroy enemy aircraft in aerial combat.
As an alternative one could use a Stuka or the Me 410 A-1.

Messerschmitt Bf 110 C
Messerschmitt Bf 110 C
Fighter-bomber Messerschmitt Bf 110 C (BR 3.0)

In contrast to the Stormovik, the Me 110 is considered a fighter and therefore doubles the Spawn points after use for the second fighter in this line, the Bf 109 F-4 listed below.
With a bomb payload of 1,250 kg since recently, almost any – and sometimes several – ground targets can be bombed out in low-level attacks with a 2-second time bomb delay. The aircraft is excellently armed to the front and has a gunner to the rear. The kill of one or the other aircraft over the battlefield is quite possible.
There are two stronger versions (Bf 110F on BR 3.3 and Bf 110G on BR 3.7), but they cost more spawn points and only have the same bomb payload, which is the most important point for fighter-bombers.

Fighter plane Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 (BR 3.7)

Bf 109 F-4
Bf 109 F-4
The Me 109 F-4 is probably the best German fighter for its battle rating in War Thunder. Maneuverable, fast, with good climbing performance and optional additional machine guns under the wings or a 250 kg bomb for use as fighter-bomber – the perfect aircraft for this line when the opponent has fighters in the air.
It should be noted that without bombs – but with the under wing stations for 15 mm machine guns – a fighter can be used from 480 spawn points, while bombs at a fighter-bomber require at least 576 points. When used as the second fighter (e.g. after the Bf 110) this value doubles, which often makes the difference whether after the Me 410 or Stormovik and Bf 110 the Bf 109F-4 can also be sent into action.

If you don’t know this F2P tank and plane game yet, you can download War Thunder here for free and will receive extra 50 Golden Eagles premium currency as well as a Rank I premium plane or tank:

download en

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