Battleship Kaiser in WoWs

World of Warships: German battleship Kaiser class from World War One.
Battleship Kaiser in WoWs with video from action and history of the class.

 battleship 'Kaiser' in WoW
German battleship ‘Kaiser’ in World of Warships (WoW).

The German battleship of the Kaiser class is the fifth ship in the German research tree (right), which can be reached after the cruisers Hermelin, Dresden, Kolberg and the very restricted, old battleship of the Nassau class.

German Research Tree
German Research Tree in World of Warships.

All previously listed ships can be research quickly, and they are only played a relatively short time until you reach the Kaiser class. In order to get from here the next battleship, the Koenig (King) class, a certain amount of effort and time is necessary, so that the battleship Kaiser can (must) be used for a while.

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Battleship Kaiser in World of Warships

In World of Warships (WoW), two teams of 12 ships are fighting each other on a randomly selected battle map. In contrast to War Thunder, the ships of the teams are mixed with all nationalities, so that one can fight with his Kaiser class battleship very well against other Kaiser ships in the opponent’s fleet.
Only the number of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers is roughly equal on each side. It is also possible to fight with the Kaiser only against ships, which are at most one rank (tier) higher or lower.

In World of Warships the action starts quite fast, and in contrast to War Thunder, you are also condemned to the role of the spectator, if your own ship is quickly sunk – a new entry with a reserve ship is not possible here. And if you leave the struggle, your own ship is also locked during the remaining battle period. However, you can accumulate several ships on the deck so that you can fight another battle in the meantime with another one.

 'Kaiser' with a special camouflage paint
The ‘Kaiser’ with a special camouflage paint, which allows faster research. Also, flags are placed and the values of the captain are shown on the right, the other ships of the deck below.

Each ship can also be further improved, the captain learns new abilities and additional camouflage paints, and hurried flags have different effects and influences, e.g. the visibility of their own ship, fire speed and repairability.

However, in World of Warships, the ‘stone-scissors-paper’ principle exists. Usually destroyers are beating battleships with their torpedoes at a short distance (since they are sighted very late by battleships), cruisers beat destroyers, and battleships beat cruisers.
Aircraft carriers play a special role. Here, the captain primarily directs the operations of his carrier-based aircraft.

Battleships are very good for a less hectic game play. The fire is possible at a greater distance of about 10 miles (ca. 16 km) and reload time of the guns of more than 10 seconds can be used to correct the course or the speed and adapt it to your own fleet as well as to look for suitable enemy ships for the next salvo, although the slow rotation of the main gun turrets must be taken into account.
Also, battleships can be repaired to some extent during the battle and are not the fastest, so there is little hustle and bustle but a good overview about the action.

Video from action with the Kaiser in WoW

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History of the Kaiser class

Kaiser class battleship
Kaiser class battleship

The Kaiser class consists of five ships instead of the usual four of German capital ships. The battleships were ‘Kaiser’ (March 1911), ‘Friedrich der Grosse’ (Frederick the Great, June 1911), ‘Kaiserin’ (November 1911) , ‘Prinz Regent Luitpold’ (February 1913), ‘König Albert’ (King Albert, April 1912).

The ships had a displacement of 24,700 tons and a complement of 1,088 men.

10 x 12-inch guns
14 x 6-inch guns
12 x 24 Pounders
4 x 14 Pounders anti-aircraft guns
5 torpedo tubes (20 inch): 4 submerged (broadside), 1 submerged (stern)

Command tower of a Kaiser class battleship
Command tower of a Kaiser class battleship.

14 inch (ca. 36 cm) belt (amidships)
6 inch (ca. 15 cm) belt (bow)
5 inch (ca. 13 cm) belt (aft)
12 inch (ca. 30 cm) main turrets
7 inch (ca. 18 cm) secondary battery
(total weight of the Krupp armor 6,000 tons)

3 Parson turbines with 3 screws
Schulz-Thornycroft boilers
25,000 hp = 20 kts
Coal: normal 1,000 tons (maximum 3,600 tons); about 200 tons oil.

All ships were in action at the Battle of Jutland and scuttled at Scapa Flow after the war.

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