Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder

German BR 4.7 Line with Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder.

Hetzer in action in War Thunder
Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer in action in War Thunder.

Realistic Ground Battles with a BR 4.7 line in War Thunder plus Replay Video.

German BR 4.7 Line with Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder.

download en Today I would like to introduce the German BR (Battle Rating) 4.7 with a complete vehicle line in this ‘niche’.
A ‘niche’ because only two small German tank destroyers are at home on BR 4.7 (except premium vehicles). The Jagdpanzer IV and Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, however, have a lot to offer when used correctly and since up to BR 5.7 there are only a few German tanks at all, they are often ‘High Tier’ – i.e. at the top of the ‘food chain’ and in many months now with regularly 37 percent of the battles.

The small tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer is not the fastest and should not be hit from the side or into the lower front plate, but otherwise it usually takes most of the frontal hits effortlessly. Often many opponents do not know the weak points and these can also be camouflaged somewhat with bushes.
However, the Hetzer is most effective in the 37 percent of the battles, which take place directly on BR 4.7 (290 entry points for it here). At this opportunity it should always be used as a standard vehicle.

Hetzer in War Thunder
Tank destroyer Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer in War Thunder.

From BR 5.0 one has to reckon with the increased occurrence of American M4A3E2 Jumbos and British Churchill Mk VII, which can only penetrate by the 7.5 cm Pak of the Hetzer frontal at small weak points. Although the opponent can only do as well little frontal, the Jumbo is clearly more mobile and has a rotating turret. Often the fight Hetzer vs Jumbo or Churchill is then decided by a member of the own or opposing team, who shoots one of the players distracted by their frontal engagement from the side.

If one is moved with his BR 4.7 deck into a battle with BR 5.0 and possibly still BR 5.3, it is recommended to quickly conquer a CAP zone with the armored recon car Puma (see German BR 3.7 line) and then to bomb out these heavily armored allied vehicles with bombers or fighter-bombers.
On battlefields with a good field of fire, there is always the alternative to use the Dicker Max, which you should always have with you and which can easily destroy any tank you will encounter here frontal.

Should one have the bad luck to play with a battle rating of plus one in a battle on BR 5.7 (after all about 1/3 of the cases) one is for most the time together in one team with the Red Army with their unrealistically overrated T-34-85.

Since the M18 (BR 5.3) is often used by the Americans here, the tactic with the fast conquest of a CAP with the Puma usually has only little success and it makes sense to unpack now the tank destroyer Japdpanzer IV.

Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder
Jagdpanzer IV in War Thunder
The Jagdpanzer IV is hard to spot when it’s lurking motionless somewhere in the bushes and a deadly enemy for the M18, just like the Hetzer. The armor of the Hetzer does not tear it out so much now, and the Jagdpanzer IV is more agile, faster, harder to detect, has a good traverse for its 7.5 cm gun and can fire numerous smoke discharges. The latter tactical means should always be used in case of damage, retreat under fire and on a CAP zone.

In addition, the Jumbo with the 75 mm gun of BR 4.7, which can also be encountered here, also has problems to penetrate the Jagdpanzer IV frontal.
The use of heavily armored American and British tanks is also becoming rarer here, since the Soviet 85 mm cannon, clearly overrated by the game developer Gajin by his since a long time well-known Russian BIAS, can easily penetrate these vehicles head-on.

Video of the Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV in action

The effectiveness of the Hetzer in frontal combat and the Jagdpanzer IV in ambush lurking positions can be seen well in the following replay video of realistic ground battles with the German BR 4.7 line. In addition, two successful low-flying strikes of the Me 410 A-1 and BF 110 G, which complement this German BR line well.

The victory rate on the German BR 4.7 line in recent months has always been between 40 and 60 percent, i.e. the more defensive playing style of the tank destroyers is supported by this. But above all it’s interesting, because 37% of all battles take place on the best Battle Rating of 4.7 as a ‘top vehicle’ and the two tanks are played relatively rarely, so that many opponents don’t know their weak points and you can take a lot of hits frontal without further damage.

Which vehicle line has proven itself for BR 4.7?

Following a summary of the proven vehicle combination for the BR 4.7 line, whereby all possible 10 vehicle slots are used.
As always, the right mix of main vehicles for battles or conquest missions as well as airplanes, tank destroyers and anti-aircraft vehicles is decisive for a successful battle.

Besides Hetzer and Jagdpanzer IV there are also the following vehicles:

8-wheeled Puma
The 8-wheeled Puma with 5cm gun in turret is one of the fastest vehicles in War Thunder
Armored recon vehicle SdKfz 234/2 Puma (BR 2.7)

The most important vehicle for taking a CAP zone during battles in the range of BR 5.0 and probably 5.3 is of course the Puma armored recon vehicle, which is the fastest to get anywhere on roads. If you encounter an M18 at BR 5.3 sometimes, the Puma often needs three hits with its 5 cm Kwk gun, while the fast American tank destroyer only needs one with its 76 mm gun.
You could also even take out a Jumbo from the side with the Puma, but too many kills besides conquering the CAP and scouting and reporting enemy tanks should not be expected in these areas of battle rating.

Dicker Max in War Thunder
Dicker Max in War Thunder
Self-propelled gun Dicker Max (BR 4.3)

The self-propelled gun ‘Dicker Max’, which is considered a tank destroyer, can already be used from BR 4.3 and with its 10.5 cm gun it can also clean away everything with one shot even at long distances, which it can meet here. Therefore, it is important to be able to fight a Jumbo or Churchill VII also frontal or to be used on large battlefields with a good field of fire like Kursk, Maginot Line or Ardennes from the beginning.
Especially with good camouflage and additional bushes, it is often overlooked in the undergrowth despite its size, but the preferred battle distance starts at around 500 meters.
A special feature of this self-propelled gun makes it particularly tactically valuable: it can lower the gun very far so that you can stand in a back hang position and practically only looks the gun over the hill, which makes its discovery considerably more difficult and offers good protection. You should only watch out for low-flying aircraft with its open fighting compartment.

Panzer IV H in War Thunder
Panzer IV H in War Thunder
Medium battle tank Panzer IV Ausf H (BR 4.3)

If you need a battle tank at the end of the battle, when the opponent becomes rarer and artillery support and more mobility is required due to a rotating turret, you are in good hands with the Panzer IV H.
The best German battle tank with turret for this line unfortunately has no smoke discharges (only smoke shells), but has the fastest rotating turret of the Panzer-IV-series and additional side skirts, which can intercept one or the other bullet from anti-aircraft vehicles, which increasingly appear towards the end of the battle.

StuG III Ausf F
StuG III Ausf F in War Thunder
Tank destroyer StuG III F (BR 3.7)

The assault gun StuG III F is the cheapest tank destroyer with a full BR lower than this line, which you can always bring for 190 spawn points (380 after the first loss). It is also relatively well armed with a 7.5 cm gun, but one should not rely too much on its 50 mm frontal armor.

Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind
Anti-aircraft tank Wirbelwind in War Thunder
Anti-aircraft vehicle Wirbelwind (BR 3.7)

The anti-aircraft vehicle Wirbelwind is of course the most effective German flak tank for this line. It is a full battle rating lower than the top vehicles of this line and can therefore be used with 150 spawn points. In addition, you should get additional replacement vehicle vouchers for it using ‘War Bonds’, because it can even be used twice in a battle!
It can also destroy many tanks as well as Russian T-34 tanks and American Jumbos from the side. Due to the high number of shots per second it generates so many points that one can often intervene later again with a much stronger vehicle or airplane.

Me 410 A-1 in War Thunder
Me 410 A-1 in War Thunder
High-speed bomber Me 410 A-1 (BR 3.7)

The cheapest bomber for ground attacks is the Me 410 A-1 with one battle rating lower than the top vehicles on this line, which can therefore used for just 540 spawn points. In addition, the repair costs are quite low and the reward is good and the plane carries two 500 kg bombs in the bomb bay.
The aircraft is quite fast and therefore very suitable for immediate use after the conquest of a CAP zone with the armored recon vehicle Puma.
The attack is best carried out in a dive attack with air brakes extended and the bomb bay open, whereby the bombs are dropped shortly after each other, which almost certainly leads to the destruction of a tank. It is also possible to shoot down an aircraft with the front armament or by the rear gunner.

Bf 110G in War Thunder
Bf 110G in War Thunder
Fighter-bomber Be 110G

The planes of the Me 110 G-Series were mainly night fighters and are therefore heavily armed. In War Thunder it can also be used as a fighter-bomber with an impressive payload of 1,250 kg of bombs, which makes it a deadly enemy for tanks. In addition with its 12.7 mm machine guns and 20 and 30 mm machine cannons, it can also destroy ground targets and take almost every plane out of the sky during frontal encounters.
With BR 3.7 it is also a full BR below the maximum of the line, so that it can be used as a fighter-bomber for only 576 spawn points and even 480 points as a heavy fighter. As a heavy fighter, it can even carry a 37 mm gun that can penetrate up to almost 100 mm of armor.
All in all a very useful and worthwhile aircraft with only low spawn points and repair costs, that is still good for the destruction of every ground target and one or the other aircraft even on this battle rating.

Me 109G-2 in War Thunder
Me 109G-2 in War Thunder
Single-seat fighter Me 109 G-2 Trop (BR 4.3)

The famous Messerschmitt Bf 109 Gustav Version G-2 is probably one of the most popular German fighters in this range with an excellent combination of speed, climbing performance, maneuverability and armament. It may not be the best aircraft vs enemy fighters around in any of these categories, but the combination does it.
It can be used as a fighter-bomber with a 250 kg bomb or equipped with additional 20 mm guns under the wings. As this is the tropical version, the engine does not overheat as quickly during longer accelerations.

If you don’t know this F2P tank and plane game yet, you can download War Thunder here for free and will receive extra 50 Golden Eagles premium currency as well as a Rank I premium plane or tank:

download en

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