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World Conqueror 4: Conquering the World as Germany in 1939 – Ultimate Strategy Guide!

World Conqueror 4
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World Conqueror 4: Overview

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World Conqueror 4 is a popular strategy game that allows players to rewrite history by taking control of different nations and leading them to victory. One of the most exciting scenarios in the game is playing as Germany in the year 1939. In this scenario, players have the opportunity to relive the events of World War II and reshape the outcome of the war.

As Germany in 1939, players start with a strong military force and a vast territory to expand upon. The goal is to conquer as much of the world as possible and establish German dominance. The scenario is historically accurate, with various events and battles mirroring those of the time period. This adds a sense of realism and immersion to the gameplay.

The game offers a wide range of strategic options for players to explore. They can choose to focus on military conquest, economic development, or diplomatic negotiations. Each decision made will have consequences, and players must carefully consider their actions in order to succeed. The game also provides various difficulty levels, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the challenge.

One of the standout features of World Conqueror 4 is the attention to detail in the graphics and sound design. The game features realistic maps and historical landmarks, which adds to the overall immersion. The sound effects and music also enhance the gameplay experience, making it feel as though players are truly commanding armies on the battlefield.

In the scenario of Germany 1939, players have the opportunity to rewrite history and explore alternative outcomes. They can choose to follow in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and pursue aggressive expansion, or they can take a different approach and seek peaceful resolutions. The game allows for multiple playthroughs, encouraging players to try different strategies and explore different paths to victory.

However, only one game state can be saved at a time, meaning that this game cannot be continued after it has been canceled and a new attempt started. For each successful game, you receive rewards with which you can improve your troops or recruit new generals, which are essential for greater and faster success.

Although the game can be downloaded for free (for Windows or Android), it makes sense to buy one or two generals in the in-game store, each with a few points bonuses, for early success and stress-free play.

in-game store
In addition to some outstanding generals (the best is clearly Manstein), the in-game store also offers temporary specials: further individual generals (e.g. sometimes the tank ace Wittmann for Germany) and various points packages for additional research progress for units, improvements to generals, etc.

The game has mainly been developed for Android notepads and similar devices, which makes it also easy to play for a short time on the go and for one or two rounds in between. However, there is also a version for Windows PCs.

World Conqueror 4 as Germany

Embarking on a digital conquest as the leader of Germany in the year 1939 within the strategy game World Conqueror 4 is a gripping experience that tests my strategic prowess and decision-making skills.

With the historical backdrop of World War II, I find myself at the helm of the nation tasked with navigating alliances and waging battles on multiple fronts.

As a player, I must employ a tactical blend of offense and defense, meticulously plan my military campaigns, and make geopolitical decisions that could alter the course of history within the game’s world.

With each session, I dive into a complex world of warfare where timing and resource management are key.

Successfully leading Germany to dominate the global landscape in 1939 demands a deep understanding of various military units, the judicious deployment of my forces, and a keen eye for the ebb and flow of war.

I need to balance aggression with diplomacy, knowing when to strike swiftly and when to fall back and fortify my positions.

In World Conqueror 4, I am not just replaying history; I am rewriting it. Every decision I make could lead to victory or defeat, and the responsibility of leading an entire nation during a turbulent period is both exhilarating and daunting.

My quest for global dominance is fraught with challenges that push me to sharpen my strategic mindset, whether I’m orchestrating a daring invasion or defending my territory against relentless foes.

World Conqueror 4

In my experience, World Conqueror 4 stands out as a grand strategy game that immerses players in the tumultuous era of World War II, offering a mix of historical events and strategic freedom. Let me guide you through its intricacies.

Game Mechanics

In World Conqueror 4, gameplay mechanics are designed to be intuitive yet deep. I find myself frequently employing turn-based strategies to move my troops, represented by a variety of military units.

Each general I assign boosts specific troop types, like Guderian enhancing my panzer divisions—a truly valuable advantage on the battlefield.

Historical Accuracy

The game takes great care in maintaining historical accuracy. Events and starting scenarios reflect real-world situations from World War II.

For instance, as Germany in 1939, I start with a powerful position in Central Europe, ready to invade Poland or push west into France and the Low Countries—exactly as Nazi Germany did historically.

Strategic Gameplay

Strategically, every move I make is significant. Whether I’m planning the invasion of the Soviet Union or defending the Fatherland from the Allies, I must consider factors like front line depth, flanking possibilities, and resource allocation.

Every country, from Japan to Turkey, poses distinct strategic scenarios.

Starting Positions and Early Moves

At the start, Germany’s early moves are critical. I choose to swiftly take over Poland, Holland and Belgium, which allows me access to more cities with resources.

It’s these decisions that set the stage for either a swift victory or a prolonged conflict.

Alliance System

The game’s alliance system determines my friends and foes. Allies like Italy or Romania will support my conquests, but I must also be wary of countries that may turn against me, like Denmark or the Soviet Union, depending on how the war progresses.

Technology and Upgrades

Investing in technology and upgrades is a must. Upgrading my tanks and artillery directly impacts my military might.

Watching my upgraded Guderian-led panzer units sweep across the Baltic states is a sight to behold and strategize with.

World Conqueror 4 Screenshoot
The expansion of institutes in our own cities accelerates research.

In-Game Economy

The in-game economy requires careful management. Waging war costs money, and sustaining my army necessitates capturing resource-rich territories like France and in the East. This economic warfare is just as intense as the battles themselves.

Tutorial and Learning Curve

Lastly, jumping in can seem daunting, but the tutorial breaks it down nicely. It takes me from a beginner to a capable general ready to embark on a quest for global domination.

The learning curve is balanced, ensuring I gain the necessary skills to challenge myself and others in conquest.

Pre-Game Preparation

Before diving into the thrill of conquest as Germany in 1939 in World Conqueror 4, I ensure my preparations are meticulous and strategic. The right generals, savvy resource allocation, a robust initial strategy, and an understanding of enemy tactics are the cornerstones of my pre-game setup.

Selecting the Right Generals

I am deliberate about choosing generals who will lead my forces to victory. Among my top picks are Guderian, for his panzer divisions’ exceptional mobility, and Bock and Model due to their defensive prowesses.

To get these generals, however, you first have to have collected enough rewards by completing missions and games!
After several frustrating attempts to win the 1939 Germany scenario without such generals, I therefore decided to purchase the best General Manstein and, in one of the daily changing special offers, Wittmann in the in-game store.

World Conqueror 4 Manstein
Manstein in the field with a group of heavy tanks.

Both are excellent for tank units and should be assigned to newly deployed heavy (Tiger) tanks with the greatest strength. In the meantime, thanks to my various attempts and the additional bonuses from the generals I bought, I had enough points to also recruit Leeb for a rocket artillery unit.
I was always able to do this within the first few turns and then life as a player was much easier.

My generals are ready to advance the conquest with their unique abilities and skills. However, I always have to make sure that they don’t suffer too many losses, as they can’t be redeployed after being destroyed in the field. Therefore, I always have to send them to cities with the largest possible supply depot (e.g. Berlin) to recover for a while after major losses.

My generals are ready to spearhead the conquest with their unique skills and abilities.

Resource Allocation

When it comes to resources, I am both economic and strategic.

I allocate funds to fortify my economy, ensuring a steady flow of supplies necessary for prolonged conflicts.

Upgrading my infrastructure is a priority, and I never forget to invest in the research sectors as well, to keep my military tactics sharp and effective.

Initial Strategy Planning

For my initial strategy, I focus on a swift and decisive campaign against Poland, avoiding a war on two fronts early on.

I understand the importance of striking with agility and force, and I’m ready to adapt my plans to the dynamic battlefield conditions.

Synchronizing my attacks and making smart use of my resources will help set the pace for my German conquest.

Understanding Enemy Tactics

Knowing what the Allies are planning is vital.

I anticipate a strong response from France and prepare for a future clash with the Soviet Union by analyzing their patterns and common strategies.

I dissect their movements, ensuring not to underestimate their potent defenses and capacity to launch counter-offensives against my forces.

Through reconnaissance and intelligence, I bolster my defenses and plan multiple strategies to overcome their tactics.

Early Game Strategies

In World Conqueror 4, launching offensively as Germany in 1939 puts me at the heart of intense early game action. It’s crucial I implement effective strategies to swiftly defeat my enemies and establish a dominant position for the rest of my conquest.

Video from turn 1 to 6 (on Android-Labtop in 3x speed):
Featuring the conquest of Warsaw and Amsterdam, and the mobilization of General Manstein.


Blitzkrieg Tactics

Blitzkrieg is my go-to doctrine, focusing on speed and surprise.

I use General Guderian (or alternatively Manstein) to spearhead my attack, using fast-moving troops to rapidly advance through Poland, Holland and Belgium.

It’s essential to keep my forces tightly concentrated to punch through enemy lines, enveloping key points before the Allies can react.

  • Objective: Quick capture of Poland
  • Forces: Panzers and motorized infantry
  • General: Guderian
  • Tactics: Encirclement and lightning warfare

Video from turn 7 to 15 (on Android-Labtop in 3x speed):
With the victory over Poland and the repulse of the first Soviet offensive.


Securing the Western Front

Once Poland falls, my attention turns to the Western Front.

Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and France must be secured swiftly to prevent a protracted war.

By deploying my troops along the Belgium-France border and swiftly pushing forward, I’ll prevent Nazi Germany from being sandwiched between multiple fronts.

  • Key Countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, France
  • Tactics: Defensive stance on Germany-France border, quick offensive through Belgium
  • Goal: Prevent a two-front war

Video from turn 16 to 22 (on Android-Labtop in 3x speed):
Conquest of Denmark and Brussels.


Building a Strong Economy

An economy in full swing is the backbone of my war efforts.

By capturing rich cities early on, I bolster my economy, ensuring I have the funds to sustain and expand my military forces.

Having a robust economy allows me to keep up the pressure on France and possibly extend my influence into Great Britain an the East.

Up to this point, I had mastered the most difficult and at the same time most interesting phase in World Conqueror 4!

Mid-Game Expansion

As I vanquished Poland and turned my gaze eastward, the thrill of expanding Germany’s dominion across the continents pulsated through my strategy.

Invading the Soviet Union

The Russians soon attacked with massive forces through Poland, the Baltic states and across the Balkans. Here I first had to concentrate with my most capable generals on bringing this onslaught to a halt and destroying as many Soviet forces as possible until their morale came to a standstill.

Now I marshaled my most skilled generals and directed a robust onslaught into the heart of the Soviet Union—timing was crucial.

Quickly overcoming the Baltic states served as a prelude to a full-scale invasion.

Blitzkrieg tactics were paramount; I made sure to encircle key Soviet cities, cutting off their resources and leaving them vulnerable.

Video of turn 23 to 29 (on Android-Labtop in 3x speed):
Conquest of Oslo and thus Norway.


Consolidating Power in Europe

Simultaneously, I solidified my grip on Europe—France, the Netherlands, and Belgium laid subdued under my command.

My focus was on fortifying these regions, creating a formidable line of defense that would deter any Allied provocations from Canada or the U.S..

Video from turn 30 to 37 (on Android-Labtop in 3x speed):
Paris, Lenigrad and Moscow conquered – final victory is assured (with missile nuke strike and final victory lap)


Engaging Allied Powers

My sights were locked on the Allies next. It was a cat-and-mouse game, with Great Britain and Siberia key targets for weakening the Allied stronghold.

I started Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Great Britain. Prior to this, the German U-boats had taken control of the North Sea and the English Channel.

Operation Sea Lion
Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of the British Isles, has begun, while the large German fleet dominates the North Sea and the English Channel.

Allied supply lines were ripe for disruption. Japan, our invaluable ally, pushed relentlessly in China, opening up another front that divided the Allies’ focus.

My cooperation with Japan was succesfull—each move calculated for maximum effect.

End-Game Scenarios

Invasion of U.S.A.
Invasion of U.S.A. with Germany in ‘World Conqueror 4’.

When I reach the end-game of World Conqueror 4 as Germany in 1939, everything comes down to how well I’ve planned my conquests and alliances.

The final advances to victory require a careful strategy, but after the conquest of France, the fall of Moscow and, above all, the successful invasion of Great Britain, they are relatively simple and tend to be an effortless but protracted advance, as the enemy can hardly bring any significant forces into the field against my troops.

It is rather the huge space that still has to be occupied that keeps me busy.

Strategies for Victory

Embarking on the final conquests, it’s paramount for me to utilize my generals effectively and ensure my troops are well-positioned.

To conquer key countries such as Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, I must coordinate massive offensives and encircle enemy strongholds to weaken their resolve.

Aligning with powerful countries—like Japan for a pincer move on China—can prove pivotal.

It’s a thrilling chess game where I make each move with precision.

  • Blitzkrieg maneuvers: Rapid and decisive attacks to overwhelm France and the Soviet Union.
  • Naval superiority: Ensuring my fleets control the seas, blockading enemy ports and launching amphibious assaults.
  • Air dominance: Gaining air superiority is crucial for my bombing campaigns and protecting my ground forces.
Air superiority in 'World Conqueror 4'
Air superiority in ‘World Conqueror 4’ is indicated by one-off aircraft ‘rented’ for use from cities with airfields. In addition, there are aircraft carriers from which attacks are free of charge. The paratroopers are particularly important for the surprise occupation of cities that are currently being fought over (or without a garrison).

Long-Term Consequences

Every action I take shapes the world after my conquest. It’s exhilarating to consider how the map will look once I’ve achieved victory.

The countries I’ve conquered, the allies I’ve made and lost, the troops I’ve sacrificed—all contribute to the power dynamics of post-war Europe.

My decisions could lead to a powerful German Empire dominating the continent and then the world, or create the conditions for unification with allies like Japan.

  • Build up cities: After the conquest, reconstruction is essential in order to be able to recruit fresh troops in these cities.
  • Preparing for future conflicts: I must anticipate counter-moves from remaining global powers and position myself accordingly.
World Conqueror 4 Shipbuilding
Various ships can be built in port cities.

Post-Game Analysis

After a riveting session of commanding the forces of Germany in the 1939 conquest mode of World Conqueror 4, I’m buzzing with excitement to analyze my gameplay.

I’m ready to dissect the strategic maneuvers that led to my victories, understand the missteps for better future strategies, reflect on the WWII historical context within the game, and appreciate the community-driven aspect that adds so much replay value.

Reviewing Battle Outcomes

My campaign kicked off dramatically with swift captures of key cities, spearheaded by elite generals.

Yet, when I faced the Soviet Union, I noticed my troops were spread thin.

Taking notes on this, I see that managing logistics and reinforcements in conquered cities will be critical for future plays.

I managed to form vital alliances with Japan, assisting my progression Russia, but some costly battles certainly provided lessons to be learned.

Adjusting Future Strategies

I learned that flexibility is key. Initially, I placed too much confidence in blitzkrieg techniques, which didn’t always pan out against fortified positions.

For future strategy adjustments:

  • Boldly deploy my forces but keep reserves for unexpected counter-attacks.
  • Balance offensive and defensive tactics.
  • Invest in R&D for advanced units to aid my long-term conquest plans.

Learning from Historical Context

Engaging in the 1939 scenario as Nazi Germany was thought-provoking.

My decisions had to align with the historical strengths and weaknesses of the country at that time.

I had to consider the historical allies and foes while guiding Germany through these turbulent times, ensuring that my actions in-game reflected the potential outcomes of the era.

Community and Replay Value

Diving into forums like the Easytech Fan Community, I got valuable insights from other players’ conquest strategies.

Also, watching full conquests like the Germany 1939 Revenge! on YouTube showed me different approaches, greatly enhancing the game’s replay value.


Learning from the community has me eager to launch my next campaign, armed with new tactics and the camaraderie of fellow strategists.

Tips and Tricks

In my journey through World Conqueror 4, I’ve uncovered some incredible tactics to effectively conquer the world as Germany in 1939. Let me dive into the key strategies that have really turned the tide of battle in my favor.

Maximizing Generals’ Potentials

My generals are my greatest asset.

I ensure I’m using them to their full potential, particularly Guderian, Manstein, Bock, Wittmann and Model, who are experts at rapid armored movements.

I always position them where they can make the biggest impact and I frequently upgrade their skills to boost my conquest capabilities.

  • Guderian: His lightning advances are crucial for breaking through the Soviet Union’s defenses.
  • Bock and Model: I station them on the Western Front to bolster the push towards France and the Low Countries.

Resource Management Insights

Managing my economy is the backbone of my strategy.

I concentrate on building a robust economy by seizing cities rich in resources early on, especially the capitals. I also prioritize the following:

  • Investment in Industry: I channel funds into building up my industrial capacity, ensuring a steady flow of resources for sustained military production.
  • Optimize Trade: Trading with allies allows me to support them so that they can take better action against the common enemy.
 city screen
The city screen allows you to expand various buildings.

Advanced Conquest Strategies

I’ve found a dynamic approach to conquest is best. I capture key strategic points quickly, like the English Channel and the Baltic, preventing British and American reinforcements from arriving.

  • Africa: I support Italy to stabilize the African front, allowing me to focus on Europe.
  • Divide and Conquer: I take smaller nations like Belgium and the Netherlands first, which gives me a stronger foothold for the push into France.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Mistakes can cost me the game – and as the previous save cannot be restored, it’s all for nothing! I remain vigilant and adapt to the changing situation on the battlefield.

  • Overextension: I avoid stretching my troops too thin; guarding against counterattacks is a must.
  • Underestimating the Enemy: I never underestimate the Soviet Union—immediately preparing for a harsh Eastern campaign is essential.

Comparative Analysis

In this deep dive into World Conqueror 4, I’ll analyze how Germany stacks up against other nations in the 1939 scenario, assess the generals’ influences on gameplay, explore the nuanced role of diplomacy, and examine the game’s technological advancements.

Germany vs. Other Countries

Germany in World Conqueror 4 stands out with a robust starting position and significant early-game advantages.

Comparatively, France possesses a formidable defense but lacks Germany’s offensive momentum.

Diving into the game, I notice how the Soviet Union presents a long-term challenge given its vast resources, but initially, it’s more passive, giving me as Germany, a window to consolidate power in Europe.

The Allies as a whole serve as a counterbalance to my conquest ambitions, with nations like Finland and Turkey offering unique strategic scenarios.

In Africa, the terrain poses a different challenge, where supply lines are stretched thin, and territorial gains there require a more nuanced approach compared to the rapid blitzkrieg tactics in Europe.

Meanwhile, Japan and China battle fiercely in the East, but their war often feels distant until I decide to expand my influence there.

Generals’ Impact on Gameplay

Generals are the centerpiece of my strategy.

Utilizing General Guderian, Manstein and Wittmanns‘s expertise in tank maneuvers, I swiftly overrun enemy positions.

Leeb provides the necessary support with his rocket artillery.

Bock and Model, on the other hand, provide me with impeccable defensive tactics, indispensable when I’m up against the Allies’ counterattacks.

The right deployment of these powerful figures can completely alter the battlefield in my favor.

Technological Advancements

Stay ahead in arms; that’s my mantra.

The game reflects historical accuracy, incentivizing me to prioritize research and development.

The investment in technology drastically boosts the combat effectiveness of my units.

It fans the flames of my excitement as I unlock new potential from heavy tanks, heavy artillery, missiles or nuclear weapons and push the boundaries of my military might across Europe and beyond.

Rocket artillery
Rocket artillery now also for British opponents!

Achievements and Milestones

I’m here to dive into the epic achievements and milestones that I, as Germany, can strive for in the thrilling 1939 conquest of World Conqueror 4.

With a strategic mindset and a well-managed army, I’m set to tackle historic goals and leave my mark on the game’s leaderboard.

Let’s look at the opportunities that await in this high-stakes scenario!

In-Game Achievements

As I marshal my troops in the conquest of Poland and beyond, a range of in-game achievements beckon. Each achievement is a testament to my tactical prowess and offers rewards that bolster my journey:

  • First Strike: Capturing Warsaw and asserting control over Poland is just the start. It earns me valuable medals.
  • Allied Support: I forge alliances, turning the tide in tricky situations—because with strong allies by my side, every battle feels like a milestone.
  • General Mastery: My generals are the linchpin of success. Earning general medals to enhance their skills is a game-changer.

For a detailed list of achievements that tracks my progress and rewards my victories, check out the World Conqueror 4 Wiki’s achievements.

Setting Personal Records

I set personal records that reflect the strategic decisions I’ve made in every conquest:

  • Speed Conqueror: How fast can I conquer France? Beating my previous time to secure this Mediterranean jewel is a thrilling challenge.
  • Resource Manager: I optimize troop use and resources to achieve a lean, mean fighting machine—less is more if I strategize right.
  • Diplomatic Genius: Aligning with the right factions at pivotal moments lets me outflank the opposition, beating odds that once seemed insurmountable.

Every record I set is more than a number—it’s proof of my growth as a world conqueror.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience diving into World Conqueror 4, I’ve uncovered some potent strategies and insights. Let me share the ones I’ve found especially crucial for mastering the 1939 Germany conquest.

What are the key strategies for a successful conquest as Germany in 1939 in World Conqueror 4?

Success hinges on a strong start, so I make sure to swiftly mobilize and utilize Germany’s initial military strength.

Focusing on expanding my territory quickly by capturing key points and investing in technology upgrades is a game-changer for maintaining momentum.

Which mods enhance the 1939 Germany conquest experience in World Conqueror 4?

I’ve found that some mods add depth and variety to the gameplay. Here’s a guide that helped me to enhance the experience, providing workable links to mods that enrich the 1939 conquest mode.

What is the best country to start with in the Conquest 1939 mode of World Conqueror 4 and why?

Germany hands-down has the edge as the best starting country. Their military firepower at the outset enables rapid expansion and can quickly sway the balance of power in your favor.

Can you provide a comprehensive conquest guide for dominating World Conqueror 4 in 1939?

Absolutely! Check out this video:


What does Rank S mean in World Conqueror 4, and how can I achieve it?

Rank S denotes the highest level of achievement in scenarios. I aim for it by mastering strategic plays, optimal use of generals, and achieving objectives with minimal losses.

Which tactics are most effective for defeating powerful countries in World Conqueror 4?

Prioritize weakening their economy and capturing strategic locations (cities).

This 1939 conquest tier list breaks down the difficulty level of each country and can guide your tactical approach.

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