Power of T-34 in War Thunder

The power of the T-34 in War Thunder [German captured T-34-747(r)] and 7 kills with one mission with the He 111 H-16.

T-34-747(r) of War Thunder

The following video (Replay video of a Realistic Battle) shows the strength and fighting power of the T-34 in War Thunder. To the suffering of the allied players, however, this was the German captured tank version T-34-747 (r)!
Also, a short lesson on how to use the Heinkel He 111 H-16 to destroy seven ground targets in a single mission!

The current state of the author’s results with the German BR 4.0 line in War Thunder is as follows:

Results with the German BR 4.0 line:

2016:JuneJulyAugSepOctuntil Nov 11
Battles total737461683924
at BR 4.0 (optimal)11 (15%)25 (33%)13 (21%)16 (23%)11 (28%)4 (16%)
at BR 4.3342221282011
at BR 4.72418132296
at BR 5.04971984
Victories %63%67%57%70%69%62%
Average Kills 1.52 1.93 2.34 2.01 2.48 2.29

gif3_300x250The introduction of the T-34-747(r) in the authors’ German BR-4.0 deck of took place in July 2016, which can also be seen clearly in the increased number of kills. The tank is particularly suitable for all scenarios, where there is something to capture, because with it mostly the occupation of the CAP as the first one is successful.

In addition, useful at battles on the BR 4.0 and 4.3 against American and British tanks. Against Russians tanks usually the deployment of the German captured Churchill tank is of value, because on this BR (Battle Rating) the Russian guns have troubles with its armor as well as the turret rotates in street fighting very fast.

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:


He 111 H-16
He 111 H-16 of War Thunder

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