Deployment of Red Army 1942

Deployment of the armed forces of the Red Army by theaters of war summer 1942.
Soviet divisions, strengths, equipment, planes and ships.

Russian 76.2 mm division field gun
The Russian 76.2 mm division field gun is often used as an anti-tank gun like here in early summer 1942.

KV-1A in the area of Kharkov
Deployment of a heavy tank brigade of the Red Army with KV-1A in the area of Kharkov on the Eastern front. On the turrets stand the slogans’ For Stalin! For the fatherland !’
Deployment of the armed forces of the Red Army by theaters of war in summer 1942 according to nominal (paper) strengths. But the actual average strength was below that (in the German Wehrmacht it was about 88% at that time).

Deployment of the Red Army in summer 1942

Red Army – Divisions:

Theaters of War Infantry, Mountain and Airborne divisions Motorized Infantry, Cavalry Tank brigades, tank-corps, mechanized corps (calculated on the basis of available tanks)
opposite German-Army-Groups B and A (formerly South with 2_armies from Center): Voronezh, South West and Bryansk Frontc.100(included at infantry)c.10
opposite German-Army-Group Center (estimate based on the distribution of Dec 5, 1941 and April 1, 1943): West, Kalinin and North West Frontc.70(included at infantry)c.12
opposite German-Army-Group North (estimate based on the distribution from April 1, 1943): Volknov and Leningrad Frontc.55(included at infantry)c.6
Karelia and Murmansk Front (estimate as of December 1941)c.8(included at infantry)c.1
Reservesc.22(included at infantry)c.4
Middle and Far Eastc.25(included at infantry)c.11

Red Army – Infantry (TOE):

Theaters of War Infantry (rifle men) automatic rifles sub-machine guns machine guns mortars light anti-tank weapons
Voronezh, South West and Bryansk Front 715,900? 74,800 42,400 18,080 20,840
West, Kalinin and North West Front 506,980? 54,610 30,130 12,710 14,660
Volknov and Leningrad Front 392,770? 40,765 23,245 9,935 11,450
Karelia and Murmansk Front 57,662? 6,134 3,422 1,450 1,672
Reserves 161,008? 17,806 9,598 4,010 4,556
Middle and Far East 193,600? 24,325 11,725 4,655 5,390
TOTAL 2,027,920? 218,440 120,520 50,840 58,352

Red Army – Vehicles and Artillery:

Theaters of War Tanks Assault Guns, AFV's APC's Trucks Field guns AT guns AA guns
Voronezh, South West and Bryansk Front 1,760-- 15,000 4,500 3,490 280
West, Kalinin and North West Front 2,112-- 13,000 3,400 2,563286
Volknov and Leningrad Front 1,056-- 8,500 2,500 1,932163
Karelia and Murmansk Front176-- 1,30037028426
Reserves704-- 4,200 1,08081194
Middle and Far East 1,936-- 8,000 1,550 1,077223
TOTAL 7,744-- 482,000 13,400 10,157 1,072

Deployment Red Air Force

Strength Red Air Force:

Theaters of War Fighters Fighter-bombers Ground attackers Bombers
Soviet Western Front total c.1,450(included in fighters) c.1,200 c.500
TOTAL 1,450(included in fighters) 1,200500

Deployment Red Fleet

Strength Red Fleet:

Theaters of War Battleships, Battlecruisers Heavy Cruisers Light Cruisers Destroyers Torpedo boats MTBs Subs Merchant Fleet
Black Sea Fleet1c.5(included in heavy)c.15-84c.40?
Baltic Fleet1 (+1 disabled)c.3(included in heavy)c.25(included in destroyers)48c.60?
Arctic Fleet---c.10(included in destroyers)215?
Pacific Fleet---22-13585?
TOTAL28(included in heavy)72(included in destroyers)269c.200?

Oval@3x 2

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