German military parade


Strength, Organization, Orders of Battle, Weapons, Equipment of WW2 Armies.

A description of the strength, organization, orders of battle, weapons and equipment of the armies and armed forces of the involved nations for different periods of WW2.

Finnish soldiers with reindeers
Armed Forces of Finland in the Winter War 1939-40. Finnish divisions, strength and equipment, tanks, air force and navy. Finish
battleship of the Nelson class
British Royal Navy, French Navy and German Kriegsmarine at the beginning of World War II in September 1939. Part I:
The last cigarette for Wehrmacht soldiers
Fighting power of the German Wehrmacht (Part I) in the West (1944-45), on the Russian front, in the Polish campaign
Wehrmacht soldiers in training
Fighting power of the Wehrmacht, Part II. Training of soldiers, casualties, awards and death sentences of German and US Army
Lieutenant (left) and Corporal, Norwegian Army
Strength and organization of the Army, Air Force and Navy of Norway at the time of the German invasion in
Dutch mortat team in action
Strength and organization of the Army, Air Force and Navy of the Netherlands in Europe at the time of the
French heavy tak Char B1
Strength and organization of the Army Forces and Air Force of France at the beginning of the Western Campaign in
View on the Avenue Foch when the Germans enter Paris.
German Orders of Battle for the Battle of France of June 8, 1940. The offensive started after Dunkirk Evacuation on
Pith-helmeted infantrymen of Graziani's Italian desert army
Strength, organization, divisions and equipment of the Army, Colonial Troops and Fascist Milita as Italy entered the Second World War
Fiat CR42 Falco
Strength and Organization of the Regia Aeronautica and Regia Navale when Italy enters Second World War in June 1940. Italian
Curtiss Hawks of the Vichy French Air Force
Strength and Organization of the l' Armee de l' Armistice of Vichy France after the armistice of 1940. Divisions of
destroyed French villages
German Orders of Battle from 25 June 1940 early, the day of the armistice with France. Schematic layout of the
Free French 'L' Force
Strength and organization of Free French Army 1941-1944. Divisions, units and Air Force in the Middle East and North Africa
GI's are landing
Strength and Organization of the US Army in North America, Great Britain and Mediterranean theater in 1941-42. US Army Although
First B-24 in Great Britain
Strength and Organization of the USAAF in North America, Great Britain and Mediterranean theater in 1942. US Army Air Force
Picture taken from a Japanese pilot during the attack on Pearl Harbor
Strength, Ships and Organization as the United States enters the Second World War in December 1941. US Navy in the
Finnish Army on march
Strength and Organization of the Army, Air Force and Navy of Finland in the Continuation War against the Soviet Union.
Focke-Wulf Fw44C primary tandem training biplanes
Pilot Training of the German Air Force in the Secomd World War (Part I). Pilot Training of the Luftwaffe before
Arado 96 advanced trainers
Decline of the pilot training of the German air force Luftwaffe in mid- and late-war from 1942 to 1945 (Part
Junior officer followed by soldiers of LAH
Creation, organization, commanders, actions, particularities and the end of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte-SS-Adolf Hitler. Designations SS-Stabswache Berlin (March

German military parade
Adolf Hitler at a military parade for the reintroduction of the military service.
On 1 September 1939 the armed forces of Nazi Germany began WW2 by invading Poland. With the notable exception of the German Wehrmacht, the organization and many weapons of the armed forces which fought the early campaigns was dominated by the memories of World War I and this was also the case in the design of uniforms. Not before the end of WW2, organization, uniform, equipment and weapons had often acquired a very modern look, as we knew it until today.

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